Get free pizza boxes for your restaurant

If your restaurant sells pizza, we’ll send you high quality corrugated pizza boxes completely free of charge (including free shipping). There’s no catch. Bright, engaging advertising from major brands pays for both the pizza boxes and their transport, and customers love the way the superior insulation of corrugated boxes keeps their pizza warmer for longer.

All our pizza boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, helping your restaurant boost its environmentally friendly credentials.

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Yes. You receive the boxes free of charge and delivery is also free. There’s no catch. Just savings.

The size of the box is 325mm x  325mm x 40mm. It is a standard large size, high quality, glossy, 100% recyclable pizza box.

It depends on how many pizzas you sell per month. If you complete the form below, one of our agents will get in touch with you to help you get all the boxes you need.

You can place monthly orders.

The lead time is 5 weeks from initial enquiry, after which boxes can be delivered to you on a regular schedule.

Looking for coffee sleeves, paper bags, burger boxes, and other packaging?

Get in touch with us and you’ll be the first to get our new packaging – free of charge – as soon as we begin shipping it.